Instruction and practice book for the 6 Meridian Stretching Exercises


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The book describes how the exercises:


• enhance the flow of energy in the pelvis and thus improve your ability to achieve orgasm

• improve your posture and your charisma

• reduce stress levels and promote relaxation

• provide more energy for everyday life




Padmini A. Davidis

Padmini A. Davidis
Tantra Teacher,
Psychological Advisor

Again and again we have been asked by our participants for a detailed explanation of the Meridian Yoga exercises which are an integral part of our seminars. This book is the result of these many requests.

It is an illustrated guide for people who don’t yet know the exercises, as well as a consolidated reminder for those who have attended our seminars.

Pramit F. Davidis

Pramit F. Davidis
Medical Specialist for




MeridianYoga Instruction Book
Table of contents
Chapter 1: A little "Chow" for the Brain
Energy of Life
Sexual Energy
The Meridian Strands
The Five Elements
The Organic Clock
The Sounds of Healing
Chapter 2: The exercises
Meridian 1: Lung and Large Intestine
Meridian 2: Spleen and Stomach
Meridian 3: Heart and Small Intestine
Meridian 4: Kidney and bladder
Meridian 5: Cardiovascular System and Triple Warmer
Meridian 6: Liver and Gall Bladder




Meridian Yoga exercises loosen tension and solve energy blockages in your body.


They help energy flow immediately. Your brain is charged by the exercises like a battery and gives you new drive. On top practicing the exercises will initiate a new kick to your love life. Because the energy that exists in all of us and only needs to be awakened is nothing other than the life and sexual energy which the yogis call Kundalini.

The text contains a section which theoretically explaines the background of the exercises and a practical part, in which each exercise is described in detail and illustrated.

Some people first want to understand exactly what they are doing, before they can relax. Others leave the theory aside and rely on the truth of their body feelings - and maybe like to read afterwards why they felt what they felt.

Both approaches are perfectly fine! No matter which approach you choose - the exercises will take effect!



Examples of pages in thumbnail view


Meridian 4
Meridian 4



But be aware:
It requires time.
Each practicing session takes half an hour. With partner an hour.


You don’t have that time?
Each human has 24 hours a day time.
Some of you need to sleep.
Some for work, shopping, phone, to watch TV ... stop!
How much time do you spend watching TV?
And how much of that has provided a real gain and helped develop your personality?


Decide NOW to get rid of your personal time wasters and replace them by doing yourself something deeply beneficial.



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Feedback on the Meridian Yoga Exercises


"The relaxation that emerges is really amazing and very healthy - even in my head. I no longer want or need to achieve anything during sex or ... I cannot even describe it ...!"
D.B., male, 45

"Doing the exercises I can feel energy beginning to flow through the body. It is interesting to observe which muscles tense up without the exercise actually requiring them. After the exercises I feel a strong vitality in my body and in my pelvis, while everything else is perfectly relaxed. "
G.B., female, 52

"... The more I practice the exercises the more I feel I am changing. My muscles are more pliable. I feel the energy that flows through every fiber in my body, in every cell. Afterwards I feel younger, fitter ... and happier."
U.P., female, 48

"When I practice the Meridian Yoga Exercises once a week for a long time, I can feel, how my orgasm changes ... It is not as sharp and hard, but somehow much broader, more relaxed."
A.M., female, 35
"... I never again want to use pharmaceutical medications such as Cialis as I used to. The regular yoga practice with you has proved, that mostly I have no need any more ..."
G.B., male, 58